Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Downloadable T&C’s available here


No booking is secure with Studio 54 Events until a non-refundable booking fee is received by us. The amount of this is depending on what service(s) is being supplied. Studio 54 Events will only hold an enquiry on record for up to 24 hours from the first point of contact. An extension may be granted under certain conditions, for example, we may allow a 5-day extension but this must be agreed by Studio 54 Events.

Please note:Once your booking fee has been paid, this is you, the client, agreeing to and understanding our Terms and Conditions and by doing so you are automatically entering into and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of Studio 54 Events. Our Terms and Conditions are always sent alongside your invoice for payment/booking fee and it is your responsibility to read the documents that are attached.


Payments must be paid in full on the 1st of the month prior to your event, this is Studio 54 Events payment terms. If our payment terms are not met you may lose your booking or be charged a late payment fee, the percentage of this depends on the outstanding balance. Maximum late penalty charge £10.00 per day.

Should a particular hire fall under £400 the full balance is required to be paid. This has been put in place to protect Studio 54 Events/Subcontractors against cancellations. This is for hire ONLY.


Studio 54 Events may be able to waiver the above payment terms for established venues and ones that we have worked with before. Studio 54 Events payment terms extend up to 14 days which do not include public holidays and weekends. Any agreements made must be within writing and not verbally made. If payment is not received within 60 days we will apply for a CCJ against you, costs recovered by a High Court Enforcement Officer via a writ from the County Courts and additional costs will be incurred which includes damages to our business.


When hiring Chair Covers, Sashes, Table Linen and any other form of decorative service, we will only dress the chairs and tables that have been left out for us to do so upon our arrival. Should any additional chairs or tables need to be dressed that the venue did not make available while we were present, once we have left the venue, we will not return to dress these. We also require the number of chairs and tables that need to be dressed at least 7 days prior to your event. Additional charges will apply where applicable.
When hiring PA System we require full clarification on what the PA System will be used for i.e. Speeches, Backing Music etc. at least 7 days in advance of your event.

Should we, Studio 54 Events/Subcontractor of Studio 54 Events be required to return to your venue after set-up but before an evening DJ and Disco service, provided by us, to add more stock you have booked or to move or remove certain hire items, additional charges will apply and be due prior to the date of your event.

Any hired stock that has been booked is the client’s responsibility, should the stock be taken by yourselves or your guests and not available for collection, a charge will be applied to replace this item and a further charge should we not be able to fulfil another booking

It is the clients responsibility to ensure the venue has adequate sockets for items such as a quantity of up-lighting units or set of illuminated letters that has been hired so that these can be installed. Should there not be enough sockets for these electrical hire items to be installed, we Studio 54 Events cannot be held responsible for this and partial refund will not be made to compensate.

All clients need to make sure that the room/venue is ready for us, Studio 54 Events to set up their event at the agreed time, (example) the room is set for the event, should the venue have a Dancefloor that needs to be moved, this is removed prior to our arrival at the venue. This example delays us not only at your event but many others that are planned and being organised that day. A floor plan must be sent over at least 2 weeks in advance as equipment will not be moved once set in place. Should this not be met the client will be charged accordingly for those delays.

Once Studio 54 Events/Subcontractor has set up the venue for your event if the venue should then allow guests to enter the room prior to your “the clients” arrival and your guests move/damage any hired items, Studio 54 Events will not take any responsibility and any damaged items will incur a charge. Studio 54 Events pride ourselves on our dedication and commitment to every single event so should the room not look how we left it upon your arrival this will need to be addressed with the venue.
Should we have to come back to rectify these types of issues a further charge will be applied to your booking. Once we have left the venue the hired service is the clients responsibility.

Studio 54 Events will always give a guesstimate on time for setting up any equipment, this is always explained to the
client/venue prior to the date of the event for example; should Studio 54 Events/Subcontractor explain that an hour is required
and we or a subcontractor of Studio 54 Events be informed we have 20/30 minutes to set up on the day we will take the
necessary time that was advised prior to the event to the client/venue to be able to provide the best service possible. We are prompt when setting up however, should we be rushed, we can never be sure that things will run smoothly as that is when mistakes arise. This we hope all clients/venues can understand. Studio 54 Events want the best possible outcome for your event and will not compromise on time or cutting corners. Studio 54 Events takes no responsibility for delays should time be cut short.


We, Studio 54 Events, or any contractor working on behalf of Studio 54 Events, always endeavour to arrive at a venue to allow ourselves enough time to ensure setup of our equipment is completed by the agreed time previously discussed and agreed prior to your booking. Once we have provided you with the quotation for your requirements, should we be asked by yourself the client or your venue to arrive prior to the allocated time we require to setup for example; arrival at 3:30pm to complete setup of evening Disco by 5:00pm with evening Disco start time at 7:00pm, unless this has been previously discussed and agreed, additional charges will apply.


Should you, the client, wish to change the date, location of your event you must let Studio 54 Events know asap. Should Studio 54 Events not have availability due to a date of event change, sadly this will be you, the client’s, choice to cancel your booking with Studio 54 Events. You then just have to understand as a result of cancellation you will forfeit your booking fee.
Should you, the client, wish to change your package that you have booked with Studio 54 Events by downsizing, you will be forfeiting your booking fee as a new quote will need to be provided. As a result of this, the services that were included within your initial quotation and package could have been booked out by another client therefore, a potential loss of custom to Studio 54 Events.


It is your sole responsibility to check if the venue charges a fee to bring an external DJ or an event supplier to supply you with their services for your event, should there be a charge, Studio 54 Events will not be responsible for that charge. This is down to you to “the client” to ensure this has been paid. Studio 54 Events reserve the right to a copy of the receipt. The fee for an external DJ or event supplier will not be deducted from the price of your agreement with Studio 54 Events. Should the venue charge the DJ to be there, you (“the client”/customer) are responsible for such charge.

Follow up message or call: £10
Late payment fee: Up to £10 per day
Admin costs: £15


Minimum Standard Disco: £58 per hour with a minimum of 5 hours.

Stairs/steps access to venue: The price above does not include this, Studio 54 Events reserve the right to refuse to use stairs should there not be a lift available or the venue not permitting the use of one. Equipment can be very heavy and can be a risk due to heavy traffic of others. This can be accessed by Studio 54 Events and our team on arrival. The client, venue or subcontractor should make Studio 54 Events aware of such eventualities and a price will be agreed prior to arrival. If we are not made aware Studio 54 Events charge £10 per step and additional costs may apply depending on the access to the room or building. It is your sole responsibility to check with the venue. Should the venue agree to the use of a lift and change this and these costs are applied you will have to take this up with the venue. Studio 54 Events reserve the right to not take anything upstairs until the additional costs are received. You the client or venue/subcontractor could forfeit the booking at no loss of earnings to ourselves and no refund of the booking shall be given under these circumstances

Should Studio 54 Events/Subcontractor not be given adequate time or day to set up, a further charge will be applied and must be paid prior to you event. Venues only allowing 1 hour turnaround, should you have large multiple items to set up for the day/evening is not acceptable. Should you the client know that you are not having a room turn around or rooms that you know we can’t access for example being married at the venue or having a wedding breakfast and require us to set up earlier and do not inform us, we reserve the right to apply further charges also. Should you inform us after a quote has been provided a further charge for this eventuality will be installed.


Should any damages be caused to our equipment by you “the client”, the venue or your guests, you will be charged for the full retail price plus VAT and delivery for a replacement. We will not attempt to repair or have the item repaired as this can lead to issues in the sound, lighting and to the venues where we draw electricity from. Any damages to the venue caused by you “the client” or your guests, we Studio 54 Events will not be charged, blamed or costs recovered by us or towards us. The damage is your sole responsibility. We have the right to claim for damages to any of our equipment on the occasions that we have to leave our equipment on a venues premises overnight ready for the next day/evening. The client or venue do not have the permission of Studio 54 Events to move any stock throughout the time of hire. If your venue have booked the room/venue out the next day this is not our responsibility. Studio 54 Events would have told you the client and the venue if we can not collect on the same
day prior to the event. Should we not be able to collect as agreed, we will endeavour to contact the client or the venue. This still does not give anyone the right to move the stock hired, until Studio 54 Events/suppliers collect the hire and are satisfied of its condition the hire still remains the responsibility of the client. Please be made aware that Studio 54 Events and suppliers of Studio 54 Events take pictures of hired stock prior to leaving any premises/venues. This is for our records should any damages occur whilst be hired by the client.


At no time is there to be any drinks on the LED Dancefloors, should we find evidence of this we reserve the right to charge you a flat rate of £100 cleaning charge. If the Dancefloor is damaged in anyway by you the client or your guests, outside subcontractors or the venue, we will not attempt to fix/repair the Dancefloor but you the client will be charged for the full retail price plus VAT and delivery.


Should the photobooth be set up prior to it being used under no circumstances should this be used by anyone unless the Photobooth attendant is present and informing you its ready to use. Should any props be taken or damaged a flat rate of £10.00 per item damaged will be charged to the client. We have a strict no drinks policy within the Photobooth when being used. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Studio 54 Events do post up pictures that have been taken within the Photobooth on social media. Should you not wish for this to be the case we ask that you must inform us prior to your event.


On the event of a fake feedback we will ask you for your booking reference number publicly and your invoice too. Before you leave fake feedback on our social service please note we will prosecute for fraud and claim damages made to our reputation. We have a highly trained fraud manager who can trace you back to your door as you would have left a digital footprint which you cannot erase. We will inform the local authorities and push for the maximum penalty possible. Please think before you act.


You have 24 hours after the confirmation sent to cancel, this is called a cooling off period. Once booked with Studio 54 Events you will not be able to cancel the booking, after the 24 hour cooling off period, and receive a refund of the booking fee. This is due to the nature of the business and a standard practice for the industry as we may be able to book another client in for that date so we may lose that booking. Confirmation is either email, text or via social messenger. If you do cancel, your booking fee is non-refundable no matter of the notice given. If you have paid the outstanding on the 1st of the month prior to the event date this is also not refundable due to the time frame leading up to your event.


Studio 54 Events reserve the right to post on social media, pictures that have been taken by us and outside suppliers booked by us to advertise the services we have provided.


It is your responsibility that there is sufficient space made available for our equipment and team members to carry out our job or to set up our equipment. NO door should be blocked and plenty of space made available for guests and staff to move freely without a hazard risk or harm and to exit the building in case of an emergency. Studio 54 Events and their team reserve the right to refuse to set up or entertain if there should be a risk of this. No refund will be given should this be the case.


Sound limiters are becoming more and more popular in venues. This limits how much noise is produced. If the DJ/Act is playing too loud or the crowd are cheering too loud or making too much noise the lights on the sound limiter will move from green to red instantly. Should this happen it will cut any power to the DJ/Act instantly. It is also down to the venue to make you aware of this when booking their venue as its then “the clients” responsibility to inform us when booking or hiring any equipment or us providing you with a night of entertainment. Whether this being ourselves or an outside supplier of Studio 54 Events.


We reserve the right to cease service or the performance on the night if the below takes place to an entertainer or a member of the team:

Equipment Damage By Guests
Bodily Fluid Propulsion (Spitting)
Objects Thrown
Verbal Abuse
Drinks Thrown Or Placed On Equipment
Electrical Items Plugged Into Our Equipment
Unauthorised Usage Of Equipment
Riots Breaking Out Or Mass Fighting
Tampering With Our Equipment
Blocking The Act/Entertainer/ Team Member with Objects
Inappropriate comments/touching/groping


Studio 54 Events service all of our vehicles regularly but sadly, they can still suffer mechanical faults or break downs. Should this be the case, Studio 54 Events will do their upmost to get such matter resolved asap by way of getting the vehicle repaired at the roadside or sending another act or entertainer . Should we not be able to get to your event or find a replacement in line with your booking some reimbursement/compensation will be given within 14 days after it has been agreed in writing between Studio 54 Events and the “client/venue”.


Should the “Client’s” venue change for any reason and the NEW venue cannot accommodate the services that Studio 54 Events are providing, such as hire of props or a dance floor, no reduction in price will be offered. The package or individual quote/price that has been given by Studio 54 Events upon booking is under the impression that the services required will be accommodated at the chosen venue. Should the venue change and the services provided by and requirements needed by Studio 54 Events no longer be accommodated, Studio 54 Events cannot be held at fault or accountable for this and the full agreed balance will still be due in accordance with our payment terms. Should the chosen venue change for any reason and setup times need to be altered, these need to be agreed with Studio 54 Events at least 1 month prior to the date of the event. Should these changes have an impact on other events that are booked in throughout the day or other staff members are needed to be made available, a charge may be incurred.


Studio 54 Events always plan any route carefully when organising our arrival time to your event, however, we can not be held responsible for any heavy traffic delays. This sadly is not due to us being delayed. We always make sure we leave in plenty of time to arrive at your venue by the agreed time. We will however always make the venue aware should we ever be delayed due to heavy traffic or other reasons out of our control.


Should you require Studio 54 Events or one of our subcontractors longer than 5 hours we reserve the right to a 20-minute break. If you have us there for an all-day event a 1-hour break is warranted to be able to eat and take toilet breaks.